Saturday, December 26, 2015

Random Questions!

Hey Everyone! Today I will be answering some questions that Shai Ireland nominated me for=)
Hopefully you all will have a fun time reading my answers. I will ask some new questions for you at the end and I nominate all of you!

Here are the rules:
~ Paste the button onto your blog post.

~ Leave a new list of questions (or just pass on the question list you answered) and tag a few people of your random choice (and say why you tagged them, if you have time!) (Be original and nonsensical in your question-creativity - make the blogging world a cheerful place :-) And be disastrously random.)

Now for the fun...

~Write down three facts about you - one of them is WRONG. Let your commenters guess in the comments which one is wrong (and tell them in the comments after a while)

~Answer the questions of the person who tagged you - make it all super random and interesting :-D
Ok so here we go!
1. I love flaming hot Cheetos
2. I have held a tarantula
3. I have been to 10 countries

Comment which one you think is false!

-Your ship wrecked on a deserted island. What are the three possessions you have saved from the wreckage?

let's see I would save a knife, the bible, and a water filter thing!

-Do you like dogs or cats better? Why?
I am a dog person. Why do I like dogs? Because you can walk them and take them places without looking like a total weirdo. Also I have always been around dogs so I don't really know what having a cat would be like=) Maybe they are great!

-If you had all the money to buy one thing you wanted for yourself, what would it be?
Wow this one is hard... I have to say that I would buy a plane so I could go anywhere I wanted to go.

-If one fictional person could come alive and meet you in the real world, who would it be? What would you do together?
I would like to meet Captain Jack Sparrow because he is amazing! We would be pirates and sail the seven seas!

-Which side do you take? Waffles vs. Pancakes? Oreos: Cookie, Cream,(or both)? Nike vs. Adidas? Apple vs. Microsoft
WAFFLES!!!! Cookie definitely. Nike, I really like the swoosh, and Microsoft for computers but Apple for hand held devices.

-If you could choose one pet in the whole world, what would it be and why?
Ahhhhh this is so hard!!! I would probably choose a  Dog... I'm not very creative in my pet picking!

-What is your favorite quote? 
 I have a lot of quotes that I love but I will put down two:)

1. I’ve never met a strong person with an easy past. - unknown
2. Failure is not the opposite of success it is part of success. -unknown

- What is your favorite Holiday
Ok that is all for this tag. Hope you enjoyed reading my answers!

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  1. Yay! I really enjoyed reading your answers! So glad you participateed in the tag :)!
    Have a great day!